Mortgage Insurance Products

Genworth offers a number of affordable and flexible MI products that help you stay competitive in the mortgage industry. 

Monthly/Zero Monthly (Deferred)

A payment option featuring a coverage term of one month with premiums paid monthly. The premium rate shown is the annualized first year and renewal rate. To calculate the monthly premium, multiply the premium rate by the loan amount and divide by 12.

Zero monthly (deferred) features monthly premium rates with no initial premium required to activate coverage.

Single Premium

A one-time premium payment providing coverage that remains in effect until cancelled (in accordance with federal and state cancellation laws or investor requirements).

Level Annual

This payment option features a coverage term of twelve months, with premiums paid annually. This option features the same rate for both first year and at renewal. The first year premiums may be financed into the loan amount.

Split Premium

This premium combines lower monthly rates with an upfront premium due at closing.

Lender Paid MI lets you pay the mortgage insurance premium instead of your borrower. LPMI can be a great choice for borrowers interested in an alternative to traditional borrower paid MI.