Company Profile

We've changed to remain focused on you.

Genworth MI is now Enact.

What's happening

As part of our evolution, we will now be known as Enact. We’re building on our trusted reputation for quality service and success with an increased focus on providing responsive solutions and insightful expertise for you.

Why Enact

We chose the name Enact to highlight our commitment to action and concrete results. For us, the moment people choose our product is just the start. What matters is having the skill and expertise to follow it through to the finish line and beyond. That’s why we constantly anticipate your needs and step up to help throughout every transaction.

What's changing and what's not

As part of our evolution into this new brand, you will notice some changes, including practical things like our website address and some product names. But all the things you rely on—from your sales rep to our competitive rates and the quality and service you’re used to—will remain unchanged, so we can build on them to serve you even better.

Sure, it’s all a little new. But what matters is we’re all still here to serve you.